Unlimited Library Member Access to the Best in Spanish Language Telenovelas and Movies

Pongalo offers the largest collection of Spanish-language telenovelas and translated movies streamed on-demand to all popular devices.

With our innovative pricing model, libraries now have an affordable way to offer members unlimited access to streaming video. Library members can now binge-watch videos the same way they do on paid streaming services like Netflix―for as little as pennies per checkout.


  • Over 13,000 hours of major US studio content
  • Popular Hollywood favourites, including Two for the Money, The Animal, Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls, Tears of the Sun, and more
  • Largest collection (over 10,000 episodes) of your favourite telenovelas and TV series
  • Thousands of shows, original programming, and exclusive content
  • New worldwide digital premieres, such as Piel Salvaje and Corazón Traicionado
  • Favourite Spanish-language content from more than 10 countries

Pongalo offers a rich variety of content


Customisable patron interface with library branding, plus the following:

Free library member support
Free staff training
Free MARC record

For more details, call 02 9715 5088 or email us at [email protected]

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