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Transparent Language Online features a scientifically proven methodology, the widest variety of high-quality learning materials, and seamless integration of real-life language used by native speakers, all packaged together in an easy-to-use interface. This is simply the most complete language-learning solution available anywhere. And with 100+ languages to choose from, there is something for every language learner.


100+ Languages: From Afrikaans to Zulu, the number of languages available to learners is constantly growing.

The Welcome Lesson: Game dynamics are used to teach learners a few key words and to guide them through a quick lesson on using the program.

Flexible Learning Path: Users can follow the plan or blaze their own trail. All learners are given a starting point, but they can then choose what they'd like to learn.

Extensive English Collection: With English materials for speakers of more than 25 languages, an intermediate-level immersion course, and more, there are tools for every English learner.

Enhanced Compatibility: Optimized for touchscreen use on Android tablets and iPads, Transparent Language Online works on virtually any Internet-connected device or computer. Mobile apps are available for language learning on the go.



Transparent Language Online Is More Than Just an Online Course!

  • Smart Insight and Review: Learned Items tell users how much they've learned and when it’s time to review.
  • Core Skill-Building Activities: Language learners get a robust program that builds all four core skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.
  • Practice Activities: Listening, reading, speaking, and writing skills are honed with learning materials and over a dozen challenging activities in each lesson.
  • Alphabet Lessons: Students can’t learn to read or write if they don’t know the alphabet. Learners get started on the right foot with the Alphabet course, which is available in most of the languages.
  • Typing Activities: Beginners start with Easy Typing to input foreign characters. Intermediate learners then type with the program's fully mapped native keyboard.
  • Speaking Practice: The Transparent Language proprietary EveryVoice™ technology allows learners to compare their pronunciation to that of a native speaker with speech-enabled classic learning activities like Multiple Choice and Pronunciation Practice.
  • Got Grammar? And much more! An extensive collection of videos and written explanations covers hundreds of grammar topics, providing learners with a foundation to build upon.
  • Essentials™ Courses: With 40 to 80 hours of learning material, each Essentials course provides what every learner needs to get started.
  • Supplemental Vocabulary: Learners build proficiency by absorbing thousands of useful words and phrases categorized by topic and presented in an engaging, memory-building format complete with native speaker pronunciation.
  • Other Great Resources: Language and culture blogs, word of the day, and interactive social communities help learners expand upon the basic learning material by connecting them with others and allowing learners to practice using language in the real world.

English Learning for 25+ Native Languages:

  • The English Essentials series is a set of language courses designed to help beginners to advanced beginners prepare for practical, everyday interactions. The courses are fun, easy, and a quick way to get started learning English.
  • The Intermediate Immersion course is a full immersion-style course targeted at intermediate-level learners. Starting with authentic dialogues, the content is broken down into contextual learning activities to help learners further develop their knowledge of vocabulary terms and grammatical concepts, while using English to learn more English.
  • “Which Is English?” is a fun and addictive game that helps build the vocabulary, grammar, and understanding of the idiomatic expressions that an intermediate English learner needs to flourish. Transparent Language Online includes over 2,000 supplemental English vocabulary items, ideal for learners of all levels.
  • Business Lessons help English learners enhance their careers by building their knowledge of business-specific English terms. The Business English materials include over 100 lessons for speakers of Spanish, Chinese, and Turkish.

All language-learning materials are delivered entirely online with no additional media such as CDs, flash drives, or DVDs. Library staff will appreciate real-time statistics with continuously updating usage reports to measure return on investment.

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