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ReleaseDateTo 2021-12-03
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Expected Release: 01 April 2021
Author(s): Susan Lewis
eBook (WEB414962)
ISBN: #9780008286958
Expected Release: 24 June 2021
Author(s): Rachel Edwards
Publisher:Fourth Estate
eBook (WEB419592)
ISBN: #9780008364588
Expected Release: 13 April 2021
Author(s): Freya Amsterdam
Publisher:William Collins
eBook (WEB412646)
ISBN: #9780008353858
Subtitle:The Wives of Henry VIII
Expected Release: 07 October 2021
eBook (WEB220169)
ISBN: #9781784974275
Expected Release: 13 May 2021
Author(s): Norman Arlott
Publisher:William Collins
eBook (WEB265528)
ISBN: #9780008174002
Expected Release: 01 April 2021
Author(s): Desiree Akhavan
Publisher:Fourth Estate
eBook (WEB267599)
ISBN: #9780008204358
Subtitle:The Science of Fire, Ice and the Universe
Expected Release: 01 April 2021
Author(s): Paul Sen
Publisher:William Collins
eBook (WEB268020)
ISBN: #9780008262815
Subtitle:Voices of Japanese American Incarceration During World War II
Expected Release: 07 September 2021
Genre: History
eBook (WEB287577)
ISBN: #9781481401463
Subtitle:2 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online
Release Date: 01 December 2020
eBook (WEB309019)
ISBN: #9781506258904
Release Date: 18 November 2020
Author(s): Rebecca Hunter
eBook (WEB417742)
ISBN: #9781867221005
Subtitle:Crises, faith, and resilience
Release Date: 20 November 2020
Genre: Religion
Publisher:Monarch Books
eBook (WEB314227)
ISBN: #9780857219664
Subtitle:A Memoir of Growing Up Between Different Worlds
Expected Release: 01 April 2021
Author(s): Osman Yousefzada
Publisher:Canongate Books
eBook (WEB328699)
ISBN: #9781786893536
Expected Release: 18 March 2021
eBook (WEB330074)
ISBN: #9780007492015
Expected Release: 04 March 2021
Author(s): Aidan Hartley
Publisher:William Collins
eBook (WEB343848)
ISBN: #9780008353988
Subtitle:A Complete Guide to Tackle, Tactics, and Finding Fish
Release Date: 17 November 2020
eBook (WEB376894)
ISBN: #9781510735026
Subtitle:Tips and Techniques for Understanding Your Canine's Fitness and Running Temperament
Expected Release: 02 March 2021
Author(s): Bryan Barrera
eBook (WEB379668)
ISBN: #9781510758773
Subtitle:Strategy Secrets to Make You an Escape Room Superstar
Expected Release: 03 August 2021
Author(s): L.E. Hall
Publisher:Tiller Press
eBook (WEB379750)
ISBN: #9781982140359
Subtitle:A Practical Guide to Finance for Helping Young People Plan, Save, and Get Ahead
Expected Release: 06 April 2021
Author(s): Rob Pivnick
eBook (WEB379755)
ISBN: #9781631585388
Expected Release: 06 May 2021
Author(s): Beth Steel
Publisher:Faber & Faber
eBook (WEB381622)
ISBN: #9780571362660
Release Date: 01 December 2020
eBook (WEB377018)
ISBN: #9781982137946
Subtitle:This Is Going To Be a Fiasco (Holly Hopkinson, Book 1)
Expected Release: 04 February 2021
Series: Holly Hopkinson
Series No: 1
Genre: Humorous
eBook (WEB383552)
ISBN: #9780008328092
Subtitle:65 Classroom-Ready Lessons to Help Struggling Readers and
Expected Release: 22 December 2020
Publisher:Ulysses Press
eBook (WEB384737)
ISBN: #9781646041022
Subtitle:The Untold Stories of the Original Insiders
Release Date: 01 December 2020
Author(s): Al Strachan
eBook (WEB384742)
ISBN: #9781982147020
Subtitle:A Novel
Release Date: 03 November 2020
Author(s): Brianna R. Shrum
Publisher:Sky Pony
eBook (WEB384857)
ISBN: #9781510757813
Expected Release: 12 January 2021
Genre: Romance
eBook (WEB384910)
ISBN: #9781534473546
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