QUEST is a leader in ‘Digital First’ audio publishing, featuring audiobooks of the most popular eBook titles from both traditional and independent authors. The QUEST range is only available in digital and priced competitively offering customers affordable access to the latest authors and popular eBook trends to drive usage in eAudio. QUEST includes writers such as the multi-million ebook selling romance author Holly Martin and the internationally renowned thriller writer Kerry Barnes.
Our Quest imprint is unique in that all the content is selected from bestselling eBook titles. This organic, consumer-led acquisition process ensures
that we are bringing you the hottest titles that consumers are reading right now.Quest-Logo_1.JPG
The Quest Database
The Quest Database is an exciting and evolving digital collection of Quest titles that you can add to your library for
one annual fee. Click here to see the full catalogue of titles already in the Quest Database  - sign up today and get access to every title on the list!
How it works
1. You pay an annual fee of $1,000 and gain access to all titles already in the database (currently 117 titles)
2. Every month, we add new titles to the database which are then added to your collection
3. Over the course of the year you will receive 200+ of the most popular and exciting titles on eAudiobook all for the initial fee of only $1,000

Highlights from the QUEST Database

See a sample of the titles available in the QUEST database below:

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