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Release Date: 01 January 2020
Author(s): Helen Dickson
eBook (WEB347647)
ISBN: #9781867200505
Subtitle:Inspirational Accounts by Animal Rights Activists
Expected Release: 03 March 2020
eBook (WEB330851)
ISBN: #9781510751286
Subtitle:What Monuments of the Second World War Tell Us About Our History and Ourselves
Expected Release: 30 April 2020
Author(s): Keith Lowe
Publisher:William Collins
eBook (WEB348196)
ISBN: #9780008339562
Release Date: 01 January 2020
Genre: Thriller
eBook (WEB343965)
ISBN: #9781867201052
Subtitle:300 Satisfying Recipes for Shedding Pounds and Gaining Lean Muscle
Expected Release: 04 August 2020
Author(s): Tina Haupert
eBook (WEB381601)
ISBN: #9781507213964
Expected Release: 28 May 2020
Author(s): Jessica Ryn
eBook (WEB377551)
ISBN: #9780008364632
Expected Release: 11 June 2020
Author(s): Jenny Oliver
eBook (WEB266483)
ISBN: #9780008297558
Release Date: 23 January 2020
Author(s): Alisa Vitti
eBook (WEB266501)
ISBN: #9780008327088
Expected Release: 13 April 2020
Author(s): Michael Grothaus
eBook (WEB267919)
ISBN: #9781912374762
Subtitle:The Science of Fire, Ice and the Universe
Expected Release: 11 June 2020
Author(s): Paul Sen
Publisher:William Collins
eBook (WEB268020)
ISBN: #9780008262815
Expected Release: 09 March 2020
Author(s): Sophie McNeill
Genre: Language
Publisher:ABC Books
eBook (WEB268377)
ISBN: #9781460711477
Expected Release: 21 February 2020
Author(s): Pam Rhodes
Publisher:Lion Fiction
eBook (WEB272993)
ISBN: #9781782642862
Expected Release: 22 May 2020
Author(s): Kerry Postle
Publisher:HQ Digital
eBook (WEB273683)
ISBN: #9780008310288
Release Date: 14 January 2020
Genre: Thriller
eBook (WEB343709)
ISBN: #9781471192272
Subtitle:Voices of Japanese American Incarceration During World War II
Expected Release: 08 December 2020
Genre: History
eBook (WEB287577)
ISBN: #9781481401463
Expected Release: 30 April 2020
Author(s): Nicola Cornick
eBook (WEB348197)
ISBN: #9780008278502
Subtitle:Robert Ruark in Africa
Expected Release: 18 February 2020
eBook (WEB288614)
ISBN: #9781510737143
Subtitle:The History of the Royal Artillery in North-west Europe, January 1942 to August 1944
Expected Release: 14 February 2020
eBook (WEB296954)
ISBN: #9780750991797
Subtitle:How to Make the Most of Your Partnerships at Work and in Life
Expected Release: 25 February 2020
Publisher:Gallup Press
eBook (WEB298877)
ISBN: #9781595620460
Subtitle:2 Practice Tests + Proven Strategies + Online
Expected Release: 04 February 2020
eBook (WEB309019)
ISBN: #9781506258904
Subtitle:Disasters, faith and resilience
Expected Release: 20 November 2020
Genre: Religion
Publisher:Monarch Books
eBook (WEB314227)
ISBN: #9780857219664
Release Date: 02 January 2020
Author(s): Sam Blake
Genre: Crime
eBook (WEB329554)
ISBN: #9781786498410
Subtitle:Heal from Predatory Relationships and Recenter Your Personal Power
Release Date: 07 January 2020
Author(s): Anaiya Sophia
Publisher:Destiny Books
eBook (WEB323338)
ISBN: #9781620558607
Expected Release: 30 January 2020
Author(s): Kelly McKain
eBook (WEB323530)
ISBN: #9781788951357
Expected Release: 04 February 2020
Genre: Thriller
Publisher:Gallery Books
eBook (WEB330282)
ISBN: #9781501184048
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